2020 Renovating Trends

Colour, texture and shape. Find out what is in for 2020!

    Since it’s still early in the year we should talk trends for 2020! I’m excited to say colour and texture are definitely back!
    I was so happy to see the introduction of colour into the kitchen last year and that trend is looking like it’s continuing into 2020! While people were still playing it relatively safe they were increasingly adding splashes of colour with soft blue tones, introducing timber into the kitchen with timber custom shelves, or choosing a dark navy island cabinet colour instead of all white. Soft shades of colour and texture were also introduced through the splashback tile with green being a popular choice.


    Renovated kitchen with green kitkat tiles and white cabinets
    Adding colour with green kitkat tiles


    Newly renovated kitchen featuring White Attica Caesarstone benchtops and light grey cabinets.
    Soft blue hues in the kitchen


    Kitchen renovation with stone benchtops white and navy cabinetry
    Bold colour choices for island cabinets


    In 2020, we will see colour and texture used on an even greater scale throughout the home. Our next renovation is an Australian coastal influenced design and the kitchen will use warm timbers, rattan and textured lineal cabinets fronts for a beachy look. The bathrooms will use luxurious blush tiles and champagne tapware. We are also about to start a Moroccan influenced design which includes a sage green kitchen with turned legs to the breakfast bar and a textured tile splashback.

    There is a sway back to the traditional arch way and I am loving them.  Arches originated from Roman engineering and were reserved for colosseums, palaces, churches and cathedrals. The reference to the grandeur of these places is now included in our homes.  Our home is our castle right? So before you get the sledge hammer to take out those 70’s arches, think again. They can be a real design feature!

    Dinning room with marble table and arched doorway
    Beautiful bespoke arch door


    Tapware has also really come a long way and we will continue to see gold, champagne gold or brushed nickel.


    Shower showing gold shower fittings
    Gold shower rail


    Renovated bathroom featuring White Attica Caesarstone benchtops , Moroccan floor tiles and black cabinets.
    Champagne tapware in the bathroom


    So as you can tell I’m really excited about 2020, colour and texture and shape makes for an exciting home renovation.