Preparing for your home renovation

When you are renovating there are a few things that you need to do to prepare your home to ensure it all goes smoothly. Here are some of the things we recommend you do before the start of your renovation.

    Pack Away

    No matter what the size of your renovation, there will be a lot of dust. Go through the room(s) that will be part of the construction area. Remove all furniture from the areas that are being renovated or in the thoroughfare of workmen. Remove any pictures on the wall in the working areas to prevent them falling or getting covered in dust. Remove all clothing from wardrobes or linen cupboards or seal up doors to prevent dust. These Bunnings door covers that you can install yourself or for a fee have one of our trades install for you can prevent dust getting through the gaps or you can just tape up the doors with tape.

    Custom made rattan cupboards

    If you are having your timber floors sanded. Please note that any clothes left in wardrobes and drawers can get a think layer of dust on them so it would be good to have them stored away also.

    If needed, use a storage company to store your belongings during the renovation (see suggestions below). Fridges, dishwashers, washing machines to be disconnected & moved and placed out of stripping area. Remove electronic equipment from immediate areas to prevent possible damage.

    If required, isolate areas in your home with disposable plastic drop sheets in openings, archways etc as this helps keep dust down in areas not being stripped.

    If you are renovating a single space such as ensuite, it is advised to remove beds and furniture etc or move to one side of the room and cover with sheets to ensure plenty of room to go in and out with wheelbarrows.


    Super Easy Storage are very reasonably priced

    Hire a Packer –

    Keeping/Reusing Items

    If you are keeping certain items to be reused in the renovation such as wall art, door handles, pendant lights, please make sure you collect these and store them safely away until they are needed again.


    For any blinds in or near the area(s) being renovated. Take them off and remove from the areas being renovated. Cover with a sheet or plastic to prevent dust settling on them as they are very time consuming to clean afterwards.

    Renovated bathroom featuring grey tiles and black shower head with a skylight overhead.


    Should you be undertaking extensive home renovations, such as a whole home renovation, you will need to arrange temporary accommodation. We suggest family and friends, gumtree, housesitting, Airbnb. Or why not organise a holiday in advance to coincide with the renovation. We have had several clients do this and they have been thrilled to arrive home to a beautiful new home.


    A construction area is dangerous for children; power tools, hazardous materials, sharp nails and saws, not to mention exposed electrical work and more. If you are still living in your house during the renovation, please keep a close eye on your children to make sure they don’t wander into the construction zone.


    Cats and dogs can be quite frightened by work going on at the house and work sites can be dangerous for them. If your pets are skittish, curious or likely to run away, consider having them stay with a friend or relative for the duration, or board them in a kennel.

    Front enterance with aqua painted door


    Think about what time you usually shower and get ready for your day. Will the tradies already be in your home at that time? If you’re using the guest bathroom instead of the main one, move your stuff there now. If you’d like to have your coffee in peace in the morning, consider setting up a coffee making station in your bedroom. Just a few changes before the renovation starts will make it feel like less of a hassle.


    Please inform your neighbours that you will be undertaking a renovation and pass on our details to them. Work can be very noisy. We will also put up our Red Lily Renovations Sign out the front.