Red Lily Renovations elevated to Registered Builder status

Red Lily Renovations’ Founder and Director, Jolene Griffiths has received accreditation as a ‘Registered Building Contractor’ for alterations and renovations in Western Australia (RB 101497).

    Granted by the WA Building Commission, the certification affirms Jo’s extensive building industry experience, giving her jurisdiction to undertake a complete scope of renovation works for clients of Red Lily Renovations.

    Highly experienced & skilled in building, design and project management, Jo was already among an elite group of only 33 female building supervisors (out of 5,000!) in WA. Her latest accreditation elevates her to ‘registered builder’ status and to within the one per cent of West Australian building contractors who are women.

    As required by WA’s Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, building works valued over $20,000 require a building licence or permit and must be carried out by a registered building contractor.

    Now, with registration as both a building contractor and a supervisor (or ‘practitioner’), Jo can manage, supervise and contract with others to conduct end-to-end renovation works, giving Red Lily clients a completely integrated renovation service.

    “Gaining full qualification as a registered builder and supervisor was very important to me, as I wanted to be able to give my clients complete peace of mind,” said Jo. “They know that the person they are dealing with from the outset is the person who will supervise the job right through to completion.”

    “It’s about a client knowing their home is in entirely safe and skilled hands,” she said.

    Complementing the new registered builder status, Red Lily Renovations is also a Master Builder with the Master Builders Association of WA and a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) of WA.

    An elated Jo, speaking of her passion for renovation, says its beauty lies in the opportunity for a home owner to rediscover a love of their home and often the reason they first chose to buy it.

    “Renovating gives people the option to lift and transform an entire home on the inside, without needing an extension. The house may just need reshaping to suit their lifestyle. They can come to us knowing they are completely covered, regardless of their needs.”